25 juli 2011

25th July 2011

Hello to you all - it's still unbeliveable what's happened to Norway.
It's been some horrible days - so many young life has gone away - so many families has been destroyed - because of one man and his thinking.
Here's a link to the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Here is a link I found on Solorlagets facebook site Paradise Shattered

My son, Jan-Nichlas, works in Oslo - just nearby where the big bomb exploded and destroyed the Norwegian Government Office Building. I'll talked to him just minutes after it happened - he is now home - safe and sound.

It's so unbelievable - so tragic - we are a little nation - a little country - not 5 million people - we respect each other - we have a wonderful democracy and openness- we are proud to be Norwegian.

We'll continue to fight for our fundamental values like freedom and democracy.
And it's vacationtime...whatever that is! 

Trying to read the paper...with candle in an old glassjar! called Norgesglass!

But it's cold at Stangelandet...about 60 / 70 Farenheit...no Summertime at all!

This is Varg...my Svedish Lappdog.

Thank you for reading my blog...and do not forget to ENJOY...even when the world are kind of black! right now.

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IanH sa...

I watched the aftermath on TV last night. It is hard to believe that there is so much evil in the world. I am glad that your son is OK and sorry for your country's loss.