14 august 2011

The Last Sunday In My Summervacation

My Vacation is over - it ends like it started - with rain.  Norway is pretty green now - I usually have red tomatoes from my garden this late in August - but not this year - the Sun has not been here.  Last Thuesday I took a class in making cupcakes - Manuela fron Passion4Baking had classes in Hamar - and I couldn't resist!

Anyway - yesterday it was so warm outside that we could make a BBQ - and my son Nichlasen and my brother made dessert...

...I think they enjoyed it!

My mother made the salad and I took pictures...I was a great evening.

And the Tower of Cup Cakes...cakestand bought in Sacramento!

...do not forget to enjoy life or cupcakes or both...

2 kommentarer:

Scrappelise sa...

Så herlige bilder av en fin stund! Det var noen utrolig lekre cupcakes, gutta kan det de! ha en riktig fin kveld Bene!

Anonym sa...

Må julen bli fin
og gi ro i sinnet.
La alle problemer
bli små og forsvinne.
La dagene som kommer
bli gode og fine.
God jul til deg og dine!

Christmas Must be nice
and provide peace of mind.
Let all the problems
become smaller and disappear.
Let the days to come
be good and fine.
Merry Christmas to you and yours!