20 oktober 2012

Later in October 2012

A week ago - there were Totentreff - a fantastic event twice a year - this time I couldn't paticipate because we had to close down Evja before wintertime.  Hope you all had a great time Totengirls!

Last winter we got new neighbors at Evja - well not just neighbors - the kind that occupied some of our birches - just look!

Well, I guess The Beaver Family likes our birches - but this one was a little bit too big!  So this birch is floating in Evja - our Marshy Bay.  But you see, the beavers they do not like to get trapped - and this Beaver Family are one clever one - they have to be - they live in Osdalen

Do you see the road - the path from the Marshy Bay to the Nordre Osa River?  I just hope they don't divide the land in two?!
We do not have fences around Evja, except towards our neighbors in north - it has something to do with Norwegian laws and wilderness and other political stuff here in Norway.  Anyway - my father had kind of a humor! - the picture tells it all! 
No fences - but a Gate!  Have a wonderful Saturday - and don't forget to enjoy...whatever you like!!

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Scrappelise sa...

Å så nydelige bilder fra ditt kjære Evja, så koselig å få se! ha en fin søndag Bene!