03 desember 2012

3. December

It's Monday today - and my Pusur / Garfield says; I hate Mondays. 
First, it was freezing cold outside - about minus 3 / three Farenheit - then my beautiful Golf had a flat battery - I knew that - but I hoped it would last a little tiny bit longer.  Late for work but the serviceman fixed my car - he almost washed it, too!

At work I had to skip an impotrant meeting - buying a brand new battery instead.  So now my old Golf is kind of very new one - like this one!  ...in my dreams...my sweet dreams...
After dinner and ready to read newspapers - I always read todays newspaper on my PC - but not today - it was down - like my cars flat battery.  Even Garfield do not know all the words I located in my vocabulary!  But you all now I have the worlds best son - and he fixed my PC even thoug he's at Hadeland.  He is the best!
This Santa is climbing on my roof - hoping to reach the chimney within Christmas - I hope he does because I really want a Beetle - a red Beetle!  Enjoy...


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To live that day sa...

Sometimes there are days just like that. Maybe to make us appreciate our better days more.