01 januar 2013

1. January 2013

Happy New Year to you all!  This year will be a good one, I think.  We - the women - in Norway have a 100 years celebration to attend to.  A 100 year with universal suffrage!  Congratulation to all of us!  Freedom in our own way.
The people in Nordre Osen has always been strong and selfdeterminated.  Long before 1777 - they had an idea that they too should have a church.  They didn't get any help, well nearly any help from The Norwegian Church.  But they did what they had to do - like us, the girls - they build a church - a red church.  And in 1777 the peolpe in Nordre Osen could use their own Church. 

Nichlas did decorate our Christmas Tree this year - he likes doing that.  I bought him this one some years ago...
And of course I have some nisser - here are two...I don't think they are married...)
Have a Splendid and Happy New Year - make yourself some goals, I've made mine...and enjoy...:)

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