07 august 2014

DNA and me...me and DNA

I know now, that this blog will turn into a blogsite about my family and my genealogy.  Perhapes one day I will show my scrapbooking here again...but until then...it will be about my ancestors and me.
I have heard about DNA...I have read about DNA...but I do not know what it genuine are!  Do you?
Well, I know it is about who I am...and why I become me...and I know that my siblings and I share some "similar" DNA...so what is this DNA?
I do not have the answers to that.  But I will try to understand what it is by reading about it.  I know that I am a mtDNA and that my brother is an Y-DNA.  This project - Norway DNA Norgesprosjektet - has a lot of answers to a lot of questions...about DNA.

This is a picture I took nearly nine years ago in Grue Finnskog...the sea in the background are Røgden. This memorial stone or monument is one of the reasons why I took to wonder about me and my DNA.  It contains all the last names of those Finnish who settled in in The Finnish Forrest around 1500 - 1600. 

I'll do more later...suddenly the Sun sprang loose on a blue sky...do remember to enjoy...

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