22 august 2016

My mothers family and Siekkinen

I have always known (in my heart) that my Grandfather Simon Andreas and his ansectors are descended from The Finnish people from Finnskogen.  My grandfather Simon Andreas Johansson Holter lived in Elverum with his parents and seven siblings.

This is Simon Andreas Johanssen Holter in the garden at Fagerheim in Elverum.

My Great Grandmother, Amalie Pauluda Andreasdaughter Torp was born in Lista, Vesta-Agder, January 1866.  My Great Grandfather Johan Andreasson Holtet was born in Elverum, Hedmark, September 1862.

This is Amalie Pauluda Andreasdaughter.

This is Johan Andreasson Holtet.

The story about how and where my Great Grandparents met, I don't know, I wish I knew, so if anyone out there know their story - please let me know!

Andrea Gundersdaughter was born in Sætre, Elverum in 1822 and she married Andreas Mortensson in 1856 in Elverum, Hedmark.  Andreas was born at Nordset, Elverum in 1825. They were my Great Great Grandparents.

My Great Great Great Grandmothers name was Margrete Jørgensdaughter.  She lived with her parents at Munksjøberget in Trysil, Hedmark.  Margrete was baptized in 1783 in Trysil Church.  She married Gunder Andreasson in 1822.  Gunder was from Holtet in Sørskogbygda in Elverum.

Jørgen Jensson and Ingeborg Eriksdaughter are my Great Great Great Great Grandparents.  They married in June the 15. in 1770.  Jørgen was born in 1745 at Vestre Sætre in Sørskogbygda, Elverum. Ingeborg was from Østenheden in Søre Osen, Trysild, she eas born in 1744.

Ingeborg Eriksdaughter Siekkinen.  Her father - my Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather was Erik Danielsson Siekkinen.  Born in 1702 at Lutnes in Trysil and he died in 1751 at Østenheden in Trysil. Erik was married to Kari Olsdauighter Tossavainen, born 1703 in Trysil.  They married in 1730 and Erik died in 1751  and Kari died in 1785.

Now the job starts!  My Great Grandfather Johan had four siblings - three of them girls.  Did they have any children?  Any girls?  Do you know something or anything about this family - I hope you will share it with me!

Have a nice evening - and do remember to enjoy!

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