21 mars 2008


A day before last Christmas I was shopping in a hobbystore in Hamar. And there on the counter - Ett Trykk - A stampingmagazine made by three girls in Norway.

I bought it and forgot about it untill after Christmas Day.

There it was the most amazing handmade card I ever seen. Snuppeline, the guestartist had made it. She is making wonderful cards. Even tough she is not aware of it..............she is one of the reasons I started stamping cards. BeritR is the other reason.

I knew I had to try......................and I did. My card is made with Adirondack Alcohol Ink. The stamp - a Rakle - is from Scrapmagasinet.

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Lisbet sa...

Nydelig Old!! Du har "skaffet" deg en flott læremester også da ;)

Stå på!!