30 august 2009

Central City and Lina Dorthinusdaughter

Here we are driving out of Central City - going to find Linas old house. We are in The Rocky Mountains - not far from Aspen and Vail - places for those who love skiing!

We just turned left on Highway 119 ............

..........entering Apex Vally Road and The Apex Ghosttown

Here is Linas house - it was hers when she lived here in Apex, Gilphin County, Colorado

This is the front porch........ Don't you think that the trees and the hills and the surroundings look like it's in Rendalen, Hedmark, Norway?

Here we are - in front of Linas house!

This is The Rocky Mountains - it's a brilliant view! I do think the "mountain" is Mount Evans - 14264 feet.

This is the entrance to The Central City Cemetery ................

....................and this is how it looks like - wild colorful flowers - birches and headstones.

Here she is - Lina Dorthinusdaughter Goldberg- my Great Grandmothers halfsister - born in Rendalen County, Hedmark, Norway. Lina was born th 18. November 1865 in Sjølisand, Ytre Rendalen - she has one sister - Anne Dorthinusdaughter and ten half"siblings" - five brothers and five sisters. Lina emigrated to The United States in 1885 - married a young Swedish boy named John and they had seven children. Lina and John settled down in Gilpin County where he was a gold miner. Lina died in October 1924 and was burried at Central City Cemetery in Colorado. I did put the Norwegian flag - with my written e-mail adress - on Linas headstone. Rest in peace, Lina.

Here are Jennifer, my brother and Nichlasen - in front of Central City's Court House. Lina is Jennifers Great Grandmother. She flew from North Carolina to Central City to meet my brother, Nichlasen and me - Thank you Jennifer.

Something for my scrapbooking papers!

You see the missing book - this is the vault in The Court House - we could borrow as many book we needed - one at one time - no gloves and we got the most important pages xeroxed!

Some boxes................

The cover of one of the golddigging location records - it was heavy - I wonder - did they ever find gold - and if so - what did they do with it!

Here's a page - of a claim - belonged to John Goldberg - Linas husbond.

This is "downtown" Central City

And of course I did find a Christmas Tree! Cute - in the middle of July!

Thank you Jennifer! And to you who read my story - I had a wonderful day. Enjoy - and thanks for visiting my blog!

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Merete sa...

Åh...litt av et eventyr dere har vært ute på altså!! Mange fine og spennende bilder!
Må si meg enig i at terrenget rundt Linas hus minner om Rendalen:)

Anneke sa...

what a wonderful photos you have made, and it must be wonderful to drive there and see all kinds of beautiful places