29 august 2009

From Rock Springs to Central City

It's still sunny in Wyoming - and we're still driving east - trying to reach Central City in Colorado tonight. We had to made a stop - probably filling our! Ford Flex with gas and ourselves with some food - there are truckers and trailers all over - serving whoever. This little chapel was for the drivers - I liked that - we all need a place thats just "ours"

The small black "dots" are either cows or bulls - there're lots of them in Wyoming. You see the "snowfence" - it's probably windy during wintertime - so they put theese fences up along Interstate 80 and the road are snowfree - in a way! I don't know - I have'nt been there in January or February!

In Cheyenne we thurned south from Interstate 80 into Interstate 25 driving into The State of Colorado. My first sight of the land where Lina Dorthinusdaughter settled down.

This is Denver - we just past through...............................

............ending up here - Denvers Bass Pro Shops - I like the sign above the front door! Welcome fishermen, hunters and other liars!

It's impossible to explain how big - how many items - how huge this store is. You have to visit it by yourself! I did find this pink bow and arrow - something for all the pink scrappers in the world.

This picture is not good - but it's the only one I have - it shows the entrance to both Central City and Golden.

Okay - this is it - the main entrance to Central City and Linas American home county. I'll tell more about Lina and Jennifer later.

Thank you for visiting this story - this trip - this eventure we had. Enjoy!

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