23 august 2009

Driving east to Rock Springs

It was wonderful sunshine in Winnemucca. And this beautiful Peterbilt had parked just beside our! Ford Flex I couldn't resist it - I had to have a picture!

You can't drive through America without stopping at McDonald's - neither could we - a cold cup of icy coffee - delicious!

This is Utah - "the salty desert" or Bonneville Salt Flats. Here's a site for car enthusiasts!

This is 37,1 miles - 60,1 kilometers - straight ahead - and I mean straight as a ruler!

Driving Interstate 80 - eastbound - this is all we saw - this is The Great Salt Lake - west of Salt Lake City. We didn't have time to stop - we have an appointment in Central City tomorrow.

A salt factory?

Salt Lake City was the host of The Winter Olympics in 2002 - and this is The Utah Olympic Park - the venue for Nordic Ski Jumping. Norway didn't take any medal this Olympics!

The American way.......................

We met them - The Windmills - all over - making power by the wind.........................I like that!

Just around the corner is Rock Springs in Colorado - we spent one night - travelling further east - trying to reach Colorado tomorrow. The SUN has been with us today - around 95 Farenheit - I love it! We have an excellent AC in our! Ford Flex - the boys love that!

The SUN has come to The Stangeland and my garden is waiting for me! Have a nice and warm and sunny Sunday - we need it - the wintertime is nearby! Keep cool and thank you for visiting my blog - I sure would visit yours when you leave a comment! And don't forget - enjoy!

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Scrappelise sa...

Herlige bilder igjen Bene! Og det med vindmøllene er jo helt supert, de er bare ikke så pene ..