02 august 2009

Sacramento - California

I'll continue with our trip - I've been home for two weeks now and - the girls that have been at work have done a great job! Thanks!
My mother is a Red Cross Nurse - and she did here "duty year" at this hospital - Sutter General Hospital downtown Sacramento. This was in 1954 and 1955 - when Elvis Presly relased That's All Right Mama Of course we had to visit!

This is Sutter's Fort - we didn't do the tour - I did it in 1978.

It's kind of summer here at Hedemarken - some sun and lots of rain and grey weather! Have a nice day - where ever YOU are - stay cool - and enjoy - thanks to all of you who visits my blog.

2 kommentarer:

Scrappelise sa...

Velkommen hjem Bene, skjønner at du har hatt en super tur! Fint at du fortsetter med bilder og stoff. Det er en morsom reise for oss som ikke var med dette.

Sharon Turner sa...

Hello Bendichte,
I am Sharon Turner, I also have a love for paper crafting, scrapping, painting and genealogy, I have traced my mother's family bact to 1400's in Norway & Denmark. I live in Sacramento county, California. I wish I knew that you were here, you would have been so very welcome to visit & stay in our home! So the next time you visit Sacramento, please email me at SKTurner46@gmail.com & let me know when you will arrive.
Your friend (& possibly, cousin?) Sharon