10 august 2009

San Francisco

July 10th of July - a Friday - we drove from Brookings in Oregon - The coastal Highway 101 - to San Francisco in California. To go down town San Francisco you have to drive The Golden Gate Bridge. And my brother did! Here's The Bridge - build during 1934-1937 - and 4200 feet long. We were lucky - we saw both towers in sunshine - in 1978 when I visited SF it was foggy on the south tower.

This is Van Ness Street / Avenue. One of the most beautiful streets in San Francisco - it's 16,1 kilometers from Golden Gate untill entering Bay Bridge.

This is Bay Bridge - and here's The Bay Bridges history! And my brother did them both - lucky you!

Tomorrow we're going to Folsom meeting my cousins - more later! Have fun - and enjoy!

Thank you for visiting - I just have to sort out the days before I scrap the pictures! And I took some.............

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Lena Katrine sa...


Det er så moro å se bildene dine fra statene...sitter å drømmer meg bort! En dag - en vakker dag...

Håper du har det bra, og at du snart tar deg en tur til Osen igjen ;)

Ha en flott uke! Go'klem