16 januar 2014

What will 2014 bring...

Happy New Year 20014!  I wonder what 2014 will bring me?  And what can I give 2014?  I'm turning 55 this year.  It's five years since my brother and my son and I spent three wonderful and unforgettable weeks in USA and drove through 15 of The United States!  Wow, where did thoose 5 years go?

My mother Grethe and my son, Jan-Nichlas on my birthday in 2009.  It's taken in our driveway to Evja, our place in Nordre Osen.

My brother and his new Muurikka.  A pan for making great food outside.  It's June 2010, it's Evja and it's some of the best part in Norway, of course!

We usually stay the week-ends during the summer at Evja.  It's relaxing, it's freedom, it's family, it's genealogy, it's beeing ourself.  This is The River Nordre Osa 2011 - she is just passing by, and our marshy bay.

Summer of 2012 - it just rained - it was just rain - and lots of rain - no SUN at all - but Norway was verrry green.  I didn't use my porch a lot during that summer.

Last June, 2013 I finally visited - Domkirkeruinene - you can read more about them here!  And it was summer and sun!  It was great.

But before this new year stats, I have to throw out Chrismas of 2013.  I bought myself a new tree last year - a treetree - it's designed in Denmark.  This tree is smashing!.  It's me!  Enjoy your day...

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