06 september 2014

4th of September 1898

Two days ago it was 116 years since - my fathers father - my Grandfather - Einar Karlotsen was born.  You can read about him here.

At Family Tree DNA I have managed to test my Grandfathers DNA.  This is his origins - from far far back in history and untill today.

At Family Finder Einar Karlotsen have a lot of matches - today about 730 different people in his base - sharing tiny DNAs together.

Life is strange - you see - the most distant ancestor I have found in the churchbooks are my Grandfather's  father!  Karlot Marius Martinsen born 1876 - dead 1955.  I will keep looking...for a Martin Olsen born about 1850...

Then the sun came to HedEmarken...it is time to do some gardening...enjoy your day...

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