15 september 2014

15th of September 1898

My Grandmother, Agnes Dorthea Persdaughter Ulvevadet Holter, would have been 116 years old today. She passed away far too early, 30th of September 1965.  This picture is taken in the backyard of The Holters house in Kaffegata, Flisa.

At Family Tree DNA I have managed to test my Grandmothers DNA.  This is her origins - from far far back in history and untill today. This is also my most distant maternal ancestors of my Family Finder matches. You see all the green spots?  That is "family"...

My Maternal line; first of all my mother born 1927, then my Grandmother from Nordre Osen, Åmot Agnes Dorthea Persdaughter Ulvevadet born 1898 - dead 1965.  My Great Grandmother Emilie Dorthea Dorthinusdaughter Ulvevadet born 1868 -  dead 1919.  She was born at Nordre Løsset in Åmot.  Her mother and my Great Great Grandmother Eli Engebretsdaughter Storaasen born 1843 - dead 1922. She also grew up in Nordre Osen. 

This is The River Nordre Osa in Osdalen, Åmot

My Great Great Great Grandmother Kirsti Pedersdaughter born 1807 - dead 1893 grew up at Løssetosdalen in Nordre Osen, nearby Storaasen.  Her mother - my Great Great Great Great Grandmother Anne Engebretsdaughter born 1775 - dead 1856 grew up in Slettås, Trysil. Then Anne Persdaughter - my Great Great Great Great Great Grandmother - born 1743 - dead 1810 was born at Eltdalen in Trysil.
This is so far I know.  Well I do know that Anne Pedersdaughters mother is or was! Anne Olsdaughter and that she was married to Per Halvorsen in 1743.  And she is my Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandmother...so!

Enjoy life and enjoy yourself...Good Night!

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