25 januar 2015

Tørris og Eli

Some weeks ago I got an e-mail from a lady.  An unknown lady named Anne.  She wondered if I knew or rather recognized two pictures of a lady and a man.  I did not.  That is too bad.  But I might - and probably - I got one picture of the lady's brother!
Pictures - from far far behind when "our" great grandparents lived - without names - they are pretty and just nameless pictures.  So please write on the back of all pictueres - take a copy - who are who on it!  It will help the next generation.

This is my Great Great Grandfather Embret Tørrisson and his wife Maria Arnesdaughter.  Taken at Raaberget! in Hof in Solør, Åsnes at their gold weddingday 5. of March 1925.
One of Embrets sisters - Thea Tørrisdaughter married Christian Halvorsson in 1865 - they had eight children.  The two oldest - Hanna and Thorvald - emigrated from Hof in Solør and imigrated to The Promised Land; USA in 1889.  Thea and Christian had 15 grandchildren in USA that they never had seen. Today that is odd and strange.
Embret and Maria had ten children - one of them - Torvald Embretsson born 15. of June 1876 - emigrated from Norway.  I wonder what happened to him?  His oldest sister - Anne Marie Embretsdaughter is my Great grandmother - she died too early.

This ia a chart of my fathers ancestors - this is some of my family - and my DNA - I just have to learn more...enjoy your day...every day...

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