31 desember 2014

The Last Day in 2014

Then, I guess, a lot of us like to think back - about what really happend with 2014?  Did 2014 turn out to be what you expected? Did you do the right moves?  Well, 2014 turned out to be a good year for me - nothing big happend - but I am a year older and wiser...I think.

I have learned some about DNA - I have a lot more to learn - it is very complexed subject.  Today I have DNA samples from my Grandmother Mimi - my Grandfather Einar and from my Grandmother Agnes Dorthea. I have not been able to "find" a DNA person - to collect DNA from my Grandfather Simon Andreas. Too bad.  One day I might...

Let me introduce you to my Grandfather Simon Andreas Johansson - born 14.th of April 1898 in Elverum  - died 13.th of December 1969 in Flisa.  This picture is taken at Solheim in Kaffegata - in the backyard of my Grandfathers store - in May month in 1941 - and I think it is my Grandmother Agnes Dorthea who took the picture.

You see the birches to the left and right?  Well those - among plenty others - were The Avenue - The Birch Avenue - The Kaffegata.  On the opposite side of the street - there was nothing - not a house  - not a building in 1941.  Like this;

My Grandfather were born into a Methodist home.  Therefor - he is not written down in churchbooks from Elverum. Luckily - my grandfather collected "all" papers from his parents home - and my mother is a collector too - lucky me!

This is a baptist certificate from the Methodischurch in Hamar - and my Grandfathers younger sister, Ester.

I wish you all a happy and exciting New Year in 2015.  I took this picture this morning - it says that 2015 will bring a lot of light - a lot of warmth - and a lot of new questions about DNA and genealogy - in general - but also toward my ancestors.  And I will embrace that - besides my family - my work - genealogy is the third best "thing" that I love.  Enjoy your life...

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