09 november 2014

9th of November

It's a historical day today...let us not forget...ever.
I am a member of Norsk Utvandrermuseums Venner and about ten days ago we had membership meeting at  Norsk Utvandrermuseet / Migrasjonsmuseet. We had invited two of the very best here in Østlandet to talk about DNA, Trond and Randi.  Thank you so very much, I think we all learned a lot and something new!

Do you look alike your ancestors?  I do.  I got some of my looks from my Grandmother Mimi. I wish I could have had more time with here.  Known her better.

I have green eyes.  I think it is from the DNA from my Grandmother Mimi.  One of my fathers sisters have green eyes.  But it might been from my Grandfather Einars DNA.  I do not think my mothers family have green eyes...hmm...

I wonder if you can inherit mood, kindness, joy and feelings?  My family says that I got my fathers mood. Sometimes I wonder what they mean, or is it just a way of telling me that I am so out of it!  I do not know!

All my Grandparents, Mimi and Einar - Agnes Dorthea and Simon Andreas were hardworking people.  So am I.  Even though, some days it might be a little too exhausting, I know I will manage.  I can not just give in.

I have a sister and a brother, both are younger than me.  We are tree different persons. We do not look alike.  My sister looks like my mother, my brother looks like my Grandmother Agnes Dortheas, older brother Simon.  Even though we got some similar DNA from our parents and all our ancestors.  It is a mix...strange!

Photos can tell a lot - or not - about our ancestors.  You see all the pictures on my wall?  It is some of my Great Grandparents, Grandparents, my parents and my siblings.  The only one who showes their teeth are my mother Grethe, my sister and me.  So do they have teeth, the other ones?  I do not know.  I hope so. They are very serious on theese photos.  A little smile could do...

Have a great week...I know I will...and do not forget to enjoy life...it is there for you...!

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